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Vorlesungsreihe: Planetary Waters – Sea Futures

Die gemeinsame Vorlesungsreihe "Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Baltic Sea Region. Planetary Waters – Sea Futures" von IFZO, Baltic Peripeties und dem Masterstudiengang HiCuBas startet am 26. Oktober in das Wintersemester 2023/24. Plakat [PDF]

In recent years, a cross-disciplinary interest in oceans has been observed, stimulating new approaches to the land-sea relationships and the cultural significance and meaning of water. Urgent questions regarding the climate crisis and resource exploitation, as well as postcolonial and feminist approaches, put oceans, seas, and freshwater in the very centre of the topical discussions. Furthermore, with the planetary, a figure of thought has been introduced that juxtaposes the prevalent idea of globalization with a new relationship between people and their environment through a reference to planetary boundaries and communities, including non-human agents. That opens the question of how we can think of planetary seas. To what extent are seas and oceans placed in new relations?

Reflecting on our topography of the shoreline and, at the same time, facing the perspective of rising waters, we want to examine the sea as a knowledge space and realm of knowledge production in a trans- and interdisciplinary perspective: How is the sea narrativized and conceived as a stage of the political, as an epistemic, fictional, or juridical figure? How are visions of the future, questions of water distribution and access negotiated, and are cultural concepts of water further transported or radically changed? With lectures devoted to the Baltic Sea, accompanied by comparative perspectives on the global oceans, we want to explore the planetary from a dialogical perspective.




26 Oct Online roundtable

Planetary competition? Water use and water rights

May-Britt Öhman (Uppsala University), Tobias von Lossow (Clingendael Institute, Wassenaar and UNESCO-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education), Paul Kirschstein (University of Greifswald)


Workshop Resilience - Meanings, Practices, and Capacity of Change in Nordic Landscapes

08 Nov (Wednesday)

Northern Europe as a landscape

Hansjörg Küster (Leibniz University Hannover)

-> Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg, Martin-Luther-Str. 14


09 Nov

Nautic Narratives. Memory, Gender, and the Sea in Judith Schalansky’s Blau steht Dir nicht

Elisa Müller-Adams (Trier University)


23 Nov

Oceans walking the Earth. Planetary Literary Theory and the Sea

Simon Probst (University of Vechta)


Workshop The Senses and the Sea

07 Dec 

Überfahrt - a video-text-sound performance by Michael Disqué, Roman Ehrlich, and Matthias Krieg (Berlin)

-> Bahnhofstr. 50, Medienlabor, Großer Saal


14 Dec

Investigating the environmental impacts of deep-sea mining

Matthias Haeckel (Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel)


What lies beneath? Technological imaging frontiers in underwater exploration

Immo Trinks (University of Vienna)


11 Jan 

“Break this bottle.” Ocean currents, marine science, and global interaction since the early modern period

Sünne Juterczenka (University of Greifswald)


25 Jan

The Baltic Storms in Historical Perspective

Piotr Oliński (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)


Die Termine finden - sofern nicht anders angeben - in der Domstr. 9a, HS 2.05 um 18.15 Uhr statt.

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