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Call for Papers: Annual Baltic Military History Conference 2024: Professional Military Education in the Baltic Region, 1919–2024

Call for Applications: Doctoral School “Learning from Ukraine: Lessons for Europe”

Call for Papers: Conference “The Withdrawal of former Soviet Armed Forces from Germany – Background, Implementation and Consequences”

New places, new operas? Opera Where It Doesn’t Exist. Von der Peripherie in die Zukunft

New Publication: “Raum-Zeit-Kunst am Meer: Ästhetik neuer Opernhausarchitekturen im Ostseeraum”

New Publication: “Canada is a Big Deal Here”: The eFP Battle Group and Host Nation Public Opinion

New lecture series starts off with a visit from the Lithuanian Ambassador

“Das Erbe der Wikinger erforschen”: Podcast Campus Insights MV in conversation with IFZO researcher Charlotte Wenke and Alexander Drost

Policy Brief 2023: Mobilität von Politiken für ländliche Räume im Ostseeraum

Hiddensee gold jewellery enters the classrooms

IFZO Expert Cordelia Heß at "Bildspuren - Der Podcast"

Energy Security in the Baltic and Northern Europe

정치적 ‘장벽’ 아닌 공생하는 ‘교량’으로[차용구의 비아 히스토리아] – As a symbiotic 'bridge' rather than a political 'wall' [Cha Yong-gu's Via Historia]

Workshop Report: The Energy Trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region: Security, Equity and Sustainability in an Age of Transition

Om antisemitismens långa historia i Sverige – Radio Interview with Prof. Heß at antisemitisms in Sweden

The Food Of Singapore Malays bags top honour at Singapore Book Awards – Food Culture als kulturelles Erbe

Food Culture as Cultural Heritage – "The Food Of Singapore Malays" by Khir Johari

Workshop Report – Tidal Recall

New Publication: The Expansion of the Faith. Crusading on the Frontiers of Latin Christendom in the High Middle Ages

Out now! The Medieval Archive of Antisemitism in Nineteenth-Century Sweden