Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Baltic Sea Region. (Changing) Images, Narratives and Perspectives – 20 Years of EU Enlargement to the East

Lecture Series Summer 2024

Thursdays, 18.15–19.45
University of Greifswald
Rubenowstr. 1, Lecture Hall 1

For online participation please write to: balticsea-eventsuni-greifswaldde


Twenty years ago, the EU underwent its most significant expansion, with ten new countries joining. In particular, this fundamentally changed the geo-political landscapes in the Baltic Sea region. For the first time, the closer Baltic Sea region was part of a supraregional and -national union. As the EU Enlargement was celebrated to overcome the European division, the lecture series sets its focus on changing of mutual perceptions of the entangled countries since 2004. Where do we find shared, in the sense of separated and common, networks, participation, discourses and narratives? Which turning points and long-term transformation processes shaped the region and shifted significantly perspectives within the region? Thus, the lecture series examines to what extent these political changes are (re-)shaping how we live together in this region, from environmental challenges to cultural cooperation, academic exchange, and labor migration. Furthermore, we want to discuss how mutual images, perceptions, and ideas about the region's respective 'other' neighbors have changed in media, literature, and film.



Antje Kempe & Clemens Räthel

Joint Program: Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO); DFG International Research Training Group Baltic Peripeties – Narratives of Reformations, Revolutions and Catastrophes; Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (IZfG), Nordischer Klang Festival


Individual dates and events:

11 Apr

Roundtable: 20 Years of EU Enlargement: Challenges and Perspectives
With Ambassador H. E. Ramūnas Misiulis (Vilnius/Berlin), Margit Bussmann (Greifswald) and Stefan Troebst (Leipzig)
Aula, Domstr. 11


18 Apr

Mathias Niendorf (Greifswald)
Paradise Lost or Hell on Earth? Looking at Lithuania through the Ages


25 Apr (online!)

Agnieszka Graff (Warsaw)
European Anti-Gender Campaigns as Attacks on Liberal Democracy


2 May

Film Screening: My favourite War.
A film by Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen


Nordischer Klang Festival: 8 May (Wednesday, 17.00)

Roundtable: Crossing Borders: The Internationalization of the Northern European Cultural Scenes in the Last 20 Years
With Rahel Talts (Copenhagen), Owen Weaver (Bergen), Frithjof Strauß (Greifswald) and Mikko Fritze (Berlin)
Alfried Krupp Institute for Advanced Study, Martin-Luther-Str. 14


16 May 

Karolina Drozdowska (Trondheim)
Thank heavens for Eastern Europe! – Imagining Poland in Norwegian Literature after 2004 and vice versa 


30 May 

Anna Mrozewicz (Lund)
A Transnational Regioscape in the (Film-)making: The Baltic Sea in Christian Petzold’s Barbara and Ilze Burkovska-Jacobsen’s My Favorite War


6 Jun 

Ieva Steponavičiutė-Aleksiejūniene (Vilnius)
A Lithuanian Writer Mapping the North: On Marius Ivaškevičius’s Essays My Scandinavia


13 Jun

Pihla Maria Siim (Tartu/Turku)
Discourses of Difference and Sameness: Estonian Return Migrants Reflecting on (non)Belonging


20 Jun

Margaret Tali (Tallinn) and Camilla Larsson (Stockholm)
Art and Transformations: Complicating Perspectives on Expectations, Remembering and Hope

27 Jun

Book Presentation: Doing Memory. Medieval Saints and Their Afterlives
With Cordelia Heß (Aarhus/Greifswald) and Gustavs Strenga (Riga/Greifswald)